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324                         BYZANTINE CHURCHES                        CHAP.
the well of Sychar j in the Iunette3 the massacre of the Innocents at Bethlehem.
22.  In the southern lunette.—To the left, Herod orders the massacre
of the Innocents at Bethlehem ; to the right, the massacre of the Innocents.
The other mosaics in this bay have disappeared.
The Inner Bay fronting the parecclesion
23.  In the vault.—In the south-western corner.    Uncertain,    Pos-
sibly5 the fall of the idols in Egypt at the presence of the Holy Child j to the south of that scene3 Zacchaeus on the sycamore tree.
INNER NARTHEX First Bay (at the south end of the narthtx)
24.  On the soffit of the first transverse arch.—To the east3 the
healing of the man with a withered arm ; to the west> the healing of a leper.
South Dome
25* In the crown.—Christ the Pantokrator.
In the flutings, thirty-nine figures, arranged in two tiers^ representing the ancestors of Christ from Adam to Esrom, Japhet, and the eleven sons of Jacob not in the line of ancestry.
26.  On the south-eastern pendentive.—The healing of the woman
with a bloody issue,
27.  On  the north-eastern  pendentive,-—The   healing of  Peter's
28.  On the south-western pendentive.—The healing of a deaf and
dumb man.
29.  On the north-western pendentive,—The healing of two blind
men at Jericho.
30.  On the eastern wall below the dome, colossal figures of Mary
and Christ, technically named the Deesis,
31.  On the opposite wall—Christ healing divers diseases.
The mosaics in the three other bays of this narthex depict scenes in the life of Mary as described in the apocryphal Protoevangelium of S. James and other apocryphal Gospels.1
First Bay (at northern end],— The North Dome
32.  In the centre.—The Theotokos; in the flutings, twenty-seven•
figures  arranged   in   two  tiers  representing sixteen  royal
1 An English translation of the Protoevangelium Is found in the Ante-Nicene Christian Library, vol. xvL